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MCR Quotes

Yesterday I saw the Misfits live for the first time. It was probably one of, if not the best, gigs of my life. They played so many songs (over 30 I’d say, I lost count), including my favourites like Dig Up Her Bones, Scream, Helena and Descending Angel. The pit was pretty epic too.

Not a quote, but I wanted to share this on a blog I feel more people would appreciate my excitement on :’)

(It was the newest incarnation of the Misfits, but it’s an epic line-up anyway, and I met both Jerry and Eric so I’m pretty happy about that.)

Anonymous said: overall, I'm really fucking proud of this band. It takes a huge amount of courage to end something so big in their lives for the better, If they carried on, they would end up as sell outs, and they've always said they wanted to create music with meaning. That meaning would be gone if they carried on the way they were. Of course, they may come back in 10 years if things have changed, we'll never know. But there's a reason I look up to these guys, and there's a reason they're my favourite band.


Anonymous said: sorry to bother you but where did gerard say 'you're strong enough to do it without me' was it like on stage or in an interview or whatever and could you give me a link?? thanks

Coup de Main interview :) That’s a link to a copy because I can’t make the original link work.

GERARD WAY: And I love that, like they needed at least a little help ‘cause we’re in that regard. But the notion of saving yourself too is a good thing, I think we even needed to learn, but in a positive way. Like saying: save yourself I’ll hold them back, doesn’t necessarily mean I’m turning my back on you. It just means that you’re strong enough to do it without me, you know?

— Gerard Way.


marfa-lights said: Gerard even said on LotMS that he would want them to have normal lives if the band ever finished. I've cried my tears(and probably will more), but we still have music and memories and they're never truly gone. It hurts, yeah. But wouldn't there be so many who hurt more if we never had them at all?

This is better than I could ever phrase it. And I agree wholeheartedly.

Anonymous said: (sorry I'm behind in these things) what Mikey scandal?

See my previous message about this :)

Anonymous said: Wait what is the Mikey scandal?

The whole Sarah thing :) I don’t want to really go into it publicly, in case it causes heated debate like other things have — if you message me off anon I can answer more thoroughly. 

Anonymous said: Relieved?

They can move on and create new things now. And Gerard, Mikey, Frank and Ray will have more time for their significant others and their kids. They haven’t seemed very happy lately. I wouldn’t want them to stay as a band and be unhappy. It would be too selfish. So, yeah, I’m relieved :)

Anonymous said: Thoughts on the Mikey scandal..?

Silly boy.

Anonymous said: how do you feel about the split?

I don’t know. I kinda saw it coming. I’m relieved in a way.

I want you guys to know that when I first started listening to you, I changed in some way into the person I am today. Before I started listening to your music, I felt like nothing and I was down in my life to the point where I was afraid to go anywhere because I was afraid of getting pushed around and bullied and I was considering suicide. But then I started hearing a lot about My Chemical Romance and the first day I listened to your music, I sat in my chair for the entire day in front of my computer just listening and memorizing every bit of Welcome to the Black Parade, The Sharpest Lives, and Disenchanted. I still do the same today with just about every song your band has ever made, and I started being who I think is best and not caring about what others thought of me, and I know this sounds cheesy and all, but your music changed me in some way that I can’t comprehend. Your music is probably one of the best things to happen to me, and I want to thank you.

Anonymous said: How do you feel about that old Frank tweet, where he complains about kids pissing him off at the teather when trying to see Transformers, saying that their mother should have sat on a coat hanger? I'm not gonna bash him, but I feel very disappointed at the same time... I hadn't heard from that quote until a while ago, and now that I know about it, it upsets me. He can be pretty offensive sometimes.

Everybody makes mistakes and gets angry, and Frank especially can be reckless at times. I can’t say I’m happy with the comment but it’s something that doesn’t hugely shock me.

Anonymous said: MCR or Coheed and Cambria?

My Chemical Romance, but they’re both good.

But remember, just because MCR is no more doesn’t mean their legacy, words and music won’t live on. And Gerard, Ray, Frank and Mikey will continue to create things. 


“Saying: ‘save yourself, I’ll hold them back’ doesn’t necessarily mean I’m turning my back on you. It just means that you’re strong enough to do it without me, you know?” — Gerard Way.